MAN-852 Honing Oil

MAN-852 Honing Oil
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  • Chemistry: Contains no mineral oil, sulfur or chlorine
  • Viscosity (SUS): 150
  • Hazardous OSHA: No
  • Hazardous DOT: No
  • Size Available: 18.91 L (5 gal) pails, 209.21 L (55 gal) drums, 1255 L (330 gal) totes
  • Approved by Boeing Aircraft Company and used to hone critical parts where classic cutting oil additives such as sulfur or chlorine have been shown to cause microcorrosion, resulting in part failure
  • Has a mild odor and is very gentle to operator's skin
  • Very popular with operators who are sensitive to additives used in regular cutting oils
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Man-852 is a non-hazardous, ecologically responsible, unregulated honing oil composed entirely of natural surface active lubricity agents. Because this product does not use additives, it is ideally suited for applications where additives are restricted, such as the aerospace and nuclear industries. MAN-852 hones most materials satisfactory, however, when used with materials such as soft copper, may produce stone loading.

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