MB-30 Honing Oil

MB-30 Honing Oil
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  • Chemistry: Mineral oil, sulfur
  • Viscosity (SUS): 125
  • Hazardous OSHA: Yes
  • Hazardous DOT: No
  • Size Available: 18.91 L (5 gal) pails, 209.21 L (55 gal) drums, 1255 L (330 gal) totes
  • Delivers maximum cutting rates and abrasive life when honing difficult materials like stainless steel, and features a much higher level of surface active lubricity agent than other petroleum based machining oils
  • Contains metal deactivators to prevent staining of copper containing alloys
  • Very effective as a general cutting oil for screw machines, drilling, tapping, and reaming
  • Works on virtually any metal from aluminum to zirconium
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MB-30 is Sunnen's multi-purpose industrial honing oil. For over forty years, MB-30 has set the standards by which other honing oils are judged. High performance lubricity agents combine with sulfur extreme pressure additives prevent welding and tearing of the work piece and keep the abrasive clean.

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