SCC Honing Coolant

SCC Honing Coolant
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  • No mineral oil, sulfur or chlorine
  • Viscosity (SUS): Water
  • Hazardous OSHA: No
  • Hazardous DOT: No
  • Size Available: 18.91 L (5 gal) pails, 209.21 L (55 gal) drums
  • Far superior to conventional honing oils in reducing or eliminating workpiece temperature build up
  • Suitable as a grinding coolant or general purpose metal working fluid for both ferrous and non-ferrous parts
  • Contains no dangerous nitrites, nitrates, PCB's, PTTBA, Mercurials, or Phenols
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SCC-605 and SCC-205 Honing Coolant Concentrates are formulated to meet the demands of the KROSSGRINDING® System, Single-Stroke® Honing System and metalbond superabrasive honing.

SCC-605 and SCC-205 are very similar. Select SCC-605 when honing cast iron. This coolant has the ability to "self clean" which results in longer coolant life and consistent surface finish. Select SCC-205 when honing hardened steel using fine grit diamond plated tools or metal bond abrasives.

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