DH-Series Diamond Honing Stone Tools

DH-Series Diamond Honing Stone Tools
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  • Three hone heads cover a range of diameters from 2.750” to 5.555” (69.9 mm to 141.1 mm)
  • Even distribution of load for faster, rounder bores
  • Multi-point cutting action reduces honing time
  • Two designs of diamond stones are available, with either 8 points of contact or 16 points of contact to meet your particular application
  • No need to flip the stones…another time saver
  • Ideal for many applications from low- to high-production
  • Preferred by engine builders worldwide for fast, precision cylinder honing
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Diamonds have been used to hone and sharpen metal for centuries. With the highest level of hardness and thermal conductivity, diamonds provide fast, accurate honing suitable for just about any application. At Sunnen, we use this incredibly fast honing material to ensure quality work.

Sunnen Diamond Honing Stones are suitable for most materials in a multitude of operations, with applications such as engines, gears, brake systems, connecting rods, pumps, compressors, and many other aerospace and industrial applications. Featuring small diamonds attached to the face of the metal plate, diamond honing stones are typically harder than other honing stones available, providing some of the fastest and most accurate sharpening possible.

The DH-Tools uses Sunnen Diamond StoneSets and PHTBrush Sets. Designed for use on Sunnen CV, CK, and SV10 series machines plus other major brands. These tools are perfect for bore diameters ranging from 70 to 140 mm (2.75 - 5.55 in).

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