SSH-1680 Power Stroked Honing Machine

SSH-1680 Power Stroked Honing Machine
  • Diameter Range (I.D.)
    • 3 - 60 mm (.118-2.36 in)
  • Maximum bore length
    • Up to 250 mm (9.84 in)
  • Zero Shutoff - Power stroking system can be set up to hone to size and automatically stop.
  • Power Stroking Standard - Both selectable manual and automatic power stroking is standard. 
  • Solid Construction Throughout  - Reinforced structural steel and cast iron provides a solid machining platform. 
  • Moving components are isolated from the base to eliminate vibration. 
  • Rigid stroker carriage and robust linkage-driven design permit more rapid stroking, which shortens cycle times.
  • Foot Pedal - For ease-of-use and safety, the foot pedal starts and stops the machine. 
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