In-house Honing Boosts Profitability and Part Quality for Job Shops

To be profitable in today’s business environment, manufacturing must focus on productivity, efficiency and the ability to make high-quality parts with reduced lead times. Each step in the process that can be performed in-house improves profitability, and that includes bore sizing and finishing.
Sunnen Products Company brings consistent, high-precision honing within the budget of job shops, repair facilities and manufacturers of all sizes. Adding a Sunnen honing system to your in-house machine tool mix will improve your parts quality, reduce scrap and increase efficiency. There is a model for every price range and production requirement, from the manually operated model MBB-1660, to the mid-level SSH-1680 and SH-2000 power-stroked models, to the next generation, PLC-controlled SH-4000, and the new SV-15 and SV-25 cylinder hones . Consistent bore size, surface finish , and improved roundness and straightness are all available now at the push of a button. Your delivery times will also improve as outsourced part processing is eliminated, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Sunnen even offers Equipment Financing, and you can buy with confSunnen 3 Years Warrantyidence, as every Sunnen hone is backed by an industry-leading
3-year warranty. Your Sunnen sales and application engineer will help get you up and running with training and support. You don’t have to be a big shop to share in the benefits of the latest honing technology. Contact your Sunnen sales and applications engineer at
800-325-3670 to see how you can put a Sunnen honing machine to work for you, and watch your business grow.

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