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HTG Series Heavy Duty Horizontal Tube Honing SystemHTG Series Heavy Duty Horizontal Tube Honing System
For decades, Sunnen’s GH-210 has been the industry standard for high precision honing of all types of down-hole oil field instruments and tubes. Sunnen once again leads the way with the new HTG Series tube honing system. With all the reliability of the GH-210, the HTG Series machines are faster, more precise and are even more powerful with many new features.

The standard HTG-10000 can easily handle part lengths up to 30 feet (9.14 m) and weights up to 17,600 lbs. (8000 kg). It has an ID range of 2 to 24 inches (50.8 to 609.6 mm), double  that of previous generation machines.

Hydraulic power is delivered where needed -- up to 40 Hp to the spindle -- for maximum efficiency thanks to a new proportional load control system.
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 HTS Series Heavy Duty Horizontal Tube Honing System
The HTS Series Heavy Duty Horizontal Tube Honing SystemHTS Series combines more than 30 years of tube honing experience with state-of-the-art technology and is built to meet high production demands. The HTS features the AutoShift gear box system. The spindle speed is adjusted automatically for ease-of-use and operator safety.

The Swiss-made HTS is available in two power versions 67.1 in³/h (1'100 cm³/h) with 9.5 to 12.2 HP (7.0 - 9.0 kW)  or 97.6 in³/h (1'600 cm³/h) with 16.5 - 20.3 HP (11.0 - 15.0 kW) and is an ideal choice for oil and gas components, wind mills and turbines. The HTS handles diameters (I.D) from 0.780 - 35.43 in (20 - 900 mm).  

Sunnen Horizontal Tube HoneSunnen's HTA Series Horizontal Tube Hone
The Sunnen HTA tube hone is affordable and flexible yet has capabilities typically found in high-end systems such as a PLC-control with touch-screen interface for setting all machine parameters.

The HTA is an all-electric tube hone that is ideal for applications in the oil & gas industry such as honing flow meter tubes and mud pump liners.

The HTA Series is available in two models: the HTA-2000 (2-meter/6.56 ft. stroke) and the HTA-4000 (4 meter/13.12 ft. stroke).

Bore Diameter Range (I.D.):
64 mm - 533 mm
(2.5 in - 21 in.)

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Sunnen HTB SeriesHTB Series
The Sunnen HTB Series is a versatile tube honing system that delivers precision sizing of long and large bores. With the HTB Series, this process is easier and more productive than ever.

The HTB Series- which is available in two-meter, four-meter, six meter or eight-meter models, includes field-proven features such as

  • A reliable and easy to service Stober drive spindle
  • A stroking servo mote with the proven power to match the spindle drive
  • Touch screen display that simplifies setups

Bore Diameter Ranges:
25 - 572 mm
 (1.0 inch - 22.5 inch)

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Sunnen HTC Series Horizontal Tube Hone for Small DiametersSunnen HTC Series Horizontal Tube Hone for Small Diameters
Sunnen's HTC Series tube hone system is ideal for small diameter tubes such as hydraulic cylinders and precision tubing. The systems features a unique tool expansion and feed system that is capable of maintaining close size and finish specifications. A special feature of the feed system provides maximum protection against overloading the tool.

Other features include a touch screen for easy programming which recommends the proper tool and calculates the spindle feed; stroke position, motion, stone feed and cutting are computer controlled; bore geometry errors are corrected automatically; and the system is equipped with a traveling driveshaft for maximum tool stability.

Bore Diameter Ranges:
4,1 - 50 mm
(.161 inch - 1.96 inch)

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