Get the most complete selection of honing systems in the industry. Sunnen systems offer superior precision, accuracy, speed, finish and ease-of-use for virtually any bore sizing application.

Other Industries
Since 1924, Sunnen has defined the state of the art in the honing industry. Our current generation of high performance, high precision honing systems represent the very finest solutions available anywhere in the world. Sunnen systems are engineered to be reliable, durable and flexible and are designed to deliver precision that our customers have come to expect.

Sunnen has a the total solution for virtually any honing application. We offer a full range of honing systems - vertical, horizontal and tube hones. Sunnen's bore sizing systems range from basic manually-operated honing machines to fully automated systems that provide every necessary function for bore sizing from honing and gaging to part handling, and even post-honing operations such as deburring and bushing or pin-insertion. All Sunnen systems are fully supported by the experts in the St. Louis headquarters.
Sunnen systems are used ito manufacture components in almost every industry including:
  • aerospace
  • defense (firearms)
  • medical tool and die shops
  • engine building
  • powdered metal
  • automobile
  • gears
  • hydraulic
  • oil and gas
  • fuel injectors
  • cylinder liners small engines
  • even musical instruments.

Honing Solutions for Every Industry

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