Sunnen honing machines set the standard for high precision bore sizing on steering knuckles and components. Closer tolerances on steering components result in a quiet, vibration-free ride.

Steering Knuckles & Components
Sunnen has set the standard for high precision honing of steering components, including specialized tooling, abrasive, and fixture combinations designed exclusively for steering knuckle forgings. The steering system is important for safe handling and a comfortable ride. Honing the steering knuckle bore improves wheel bearing life and enhances the handling and comfort of any vehicle. The interior noise level and vibration transmitted through the steering wheel is reduced. These honing benefits result from the improved precision of the fit between the wheel bearing and the bore. The fit is better because the honing process developed by Sunnen improves the bore roundness and reduces taper more than boring or reaming alone. The size of the finish honed bore is also more tightly controlled within a smaller size window, resulting in a closer fit with the wheel bearing for quiet, smooth running.

A Sunnen honing machine is capable of automatic dwell cycles to ensure that the steering knuckle blind bore is honed straight. Abrasives can be tailor made to satisfy the most demanding requirements of size, surface finish, and abrasive life. Custom fixtures are designed for quick load-unload cycles to improve throughput.

Sunnen produces the industry’s largest selection of honing machines – horizontal or vertical, single or multi spindle, automated or manual, standard or customized – and our systems are designed with a focus on reliability, flexibility, and ease of use.

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