HTB Series Honing

HTB-Series Tube Hones
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  • Diameter Range (I.D.) standard: 25 – 350 mm (1 – 13.8 in)
  • Diameter Range (I.D.) optional: Up to 550 mm (21.654 in)
  • Diameter Range (O.D.) standard: 60 – 400 mm (6.24 – 15.8 in)
  • Diameter Range (O.D.) optional: 350 – 600 mm (13.8 – 23.6 in)
  • Spindle Motor: 3 kW (4 Hp)
  • A PLC control and digital display allow complete control and monitoring of machine conditions.
  • A built-in load meter indicates high and low spots in the tube bore as the operator can adjust the stroke as required for optimum cycle time.
  • The operator can also work out tight spots in the bore when using the Short Stroke Cycle and Stroke Dwell features.
  • The Sunnen Modular Honing Tool System continually compensates for stock removal and stone wear to keep the machine running at peak efficiency at all times.
  • The HTB series is available in two-meter, four-meter, six-meter and eight-meter models. Several different tooling systems are available depending on the specific application.
  • Lifetime application service with every machine purchase.
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The HTB-Series is a versatile tube honing machine that combines the best features of other Sunnen and General Hone machines. Precision sizing and finishing of long and large bores has never been easier or more productive.

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