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Sunnen continues expansion of its global manufacturing capabilities with new manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico
ST. LOUIS, MO – AUGUST 27, 2019 – Sunnen Products Company is expanding its global production footprint, opening a manufacturing facility in Monterrey Mexico to complement its production in the U.S., China, Switzerland, and Brazil. Click here to read more


Sunnen Products Company acquires BTA Heller

U.S.-based honing systems manufacturer has acquired the premiere deep hole tooling and systems manufacturer to provide complete bore creation and finishing solutions.


Abrasives Key to High CPK Honing
High productivity with high process capability (CPK) sometimes seems elusive in production honing but the problem can be traced to inconsistent abrasives. Click here to read the article in the UK magazine Industrial Director.


Read about Sunnen's SVL Lapping System in Industrial Machine Design
Industrial Machine Design magazine featured Sunnen's SVL Lapping System in a recent issue. You can read about it here: Lapping the Field in Productivity


Sunnen Charity Sweepstakes hits $42K
Scott Harr of Dominick Racecar Fabrication in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, took home the top prize.


Sunnen’s 2016 Year in Review
In Sunnen’s first annual year in review, the world’s favorite honing manufacturer reflects on the best 2016 had to offer and glimpses into a bright 2017.


Everything You Need To Know About The Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes

The Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes is a longtime tradition of the Sunnen Products Company. Learn why this event is so dear to our industry here.


Gun barrel honing system hits target for Pac-Nor Barreling
Honing machine outshoots hand lapping in manufacture of precision rifle barrels.


New 60-grit honing stones provide low-cost, aluminum-oxide alternative to superabrasives for heavy stock removal
Premium red aluminum oxide resists chip loading even in stainless steel. Avoids risk of damage to superabrasive tools by less experienced machine operators.


Employee Spotlight: Tamara Taylor

Get to know Tamara Taylor, a passionate employee with 28 years of experience in Sunnen's Tool and Development department, as part of our new Employee Spotlight series. 


Sunnen’s latest bore finishing machine laps the field on productivity
New SVL-2115 is a multi-stage automated lapping machine that laps and air gages bores in one setup, freeing operator time and increasing part consistency. 


New SVF Series Grit Guard® Coolant Filter is Modular Solution for Abrasive Machining
Base model's twin and quad cartridge filters can be augmented with magnetic separator, paper bed filter and chiller. Fifty-five and 110-gallon units are compatible with water or oil-based coolants and designed for performance, reliability, and maintainability.


Honing Expertise Gives Elite Sports the Winning Finish
Honing expertise gives Elite Sports the winning finish for five NHRA Pro Stock Championships. Nick Ferri's honing mastery is behind 57 national event Pro Stock victories and five championships, including back-to-back titles for 2015 champion
Erica Enders-Stevens.


Chris Miltenberger new President and COO
 Honing technology leader Sunnen Products Company has appointed Chris Miltenberger President and COO, as announced today by Matthew Sunnen Kreider, the company's Board Chairman.


New SH-2000 job-shop honing machine introduced with PLC/HMI, and digital honing indicator
New SH-2000 job-shop honing machine introduced with PLC/HMI, and digital honing indicator simplifies and speeds bore sizing and finishing with easy setup from front of machine. Spindle speed, stroke speed, and other parameters now set through touchscreen, with diagnostics stored in control.


Custom rifle barrel makers learning a trick from makers of hammer forged barrels
Hammer forged barrels are not well thought of by precision rifle shooters, but a critical manufacturing process used by the hammer forging guys is suddenly getting attention from custom barrel makers today. It's honing. 


Sunnen celebrates its 90-year evolution: from Hupmobile to high-tech
Founder Joe Sunnen’s quest to sell his honing inventions started 90 years ago with cross country sales calls made from the back of his "RV," a 1916 Hupmobile. Today, Sunnen technology is used worldwide to make energy exploration equipment, chain saws, aerospace components, gears, fuel injectors, fluid-power components and more. And Joe's Hupmobile still has a place of honor in St. Louis.


New SH-4000 introduces all-digital, servo-stroke honing for prototype to production volumes
Successor to models that have sold 2,400 machines, the horizontal SH-4000 introduces servo-precise, digitally repeatable performance, intuitive touchscreen HMI, infinite part program storage, larger workpiece capacity and operator-friendly safety features.


New honing system takes aim at precision, small-bore parts
One-piece base and ultra-sensitive tool-overload detection system make new HTE tube hone ideal for producing smooth, round bores as small as 0.15” (4 mm) diameter.


New all-electric tube hone combines servo precision and cycle-automation features with constant spindle power delivery for job-shop versatility
Automatic bore geometry correction, overload protection and size lock minimize operator involvement. Tool stroke position repeatability of 0.1 mm/0.004" is ideal for close-tolerance work in blind bores. Handles both rotary- and push-feed tools.


New value-priced honing system brings power-stroke efficiency to small shops for sizing complex bores up to 60 mm diameter and 250 mm length
Versatile “hone-of-all-trades,” the SSH-1680 is ideal for multiple-land and tandem bores, heavy/odd shaped parts, keyed or splined bores, blind bores and thin-wall parts.


Sunnen Products Company forms new Indian joint venture with its local distributor
Sunnen Products Company is adding to its base of 11 global operations by forming a new joint venture with its established India distributor, Precision Honing Solutions, Pvt. Ltd., a part of the Omira Group. The new company, Sunnen India Pvt. Ltd.


Dart masters the "peaks and valleys" of custom engine block production with advanced flexible honing system
American-made Sunnen SV-20 honing system uses programmable control to replicate best engine parameters and produce expert results with minimal operator expertise.


Sunnen’s car guys takin’ it to the track
There are guys who like cars and then there are car guys. Sunnen Director of Engineering Dave Rogers received his first set of Craftsman tools at age four so he could help his father work on hot rods in their home garage. 


Two new Sunnen catalogs describe tools/accessories for engine rebuilding and automotive honing

New catalogs include honing and non-honing tooling and accessories for the engine building and performance racing markets.


Hole Specialists’ big new hone, big new home, handle big oilfield business
Apparently everything really is bigger in Texas, including a 32-ft. stroke, 24-in. ID honing system built to handle long, large-diameter parts used in the oilfield.


Upgraded vertical honing machines introduce new capabilities, higher accuracy/safety and new model designations
New servo technology for spindle, stroker, and tool-feed add new capabilities to reduce cycle time and expand processing options. Obsoleted SV-1000, SV-400 and SV-500 series replaced by SV-2000, SV-2400, and SV-2500 series.



Knox County Driller gushes attention at PRI
Builder's "dream project" is a stunner on and off the track.


The Whole Solution for Perfect Holes
Principally, honing corrects geometry errors created by other processes. There are ten common errors caused by heat treating, welding and machining, and all are easily corrected. Join us for our series where we will discuss each of these common errors in-depth.


New large-part honing machine for job-shop volume drives diamond abrasives with a linear vertical stroke for ideal bore geometry
760-mm X-axis, 680-kg weight capacity and 508 mm stroke length offer large-part capacity. Ideal for job shops or repair facilities handling oil/gas components, cylinder liners, motorcycle/ATV engines and automotive/truck blocks.


Sunnen Products Company forms joint venture with Brazil's Hontech Ltda.
U.S.-based honing system manufacturer and long-time Brasil distributor join forces to create Sunnen do Brasil. Local manufacturing will improve customer service, while reducing lead times and cost.


Unique Bore Gage for Fast, Precise Hole Measurement
Sunnen's PG Bore Gages take an intuitive approach to hole gaging with a mechanical design and speedometer-type scale for quick visual confirmation of ID (inside diameter) by a busy machine operator.


New Large-Part Honing Machine for Job-Shop Volume
New large-part honing machine for job-shop volume drives diamond abrasives with a linear vertical stroke for ideal bore geometry 838-mm X-axis, 680-kg weight capacity and 508 mm stroke length offer large-part capacity. Ideal for job shops or repair facilities handling oil/gas components, cylinder liners, motorcycle/ATV engines and automotive/truck blocks.


Perfect Holes in Hard Metal Made Easy
Increasing a shop’s machining capabilities is often one of the shortest routes to increasing business, as exotic materials specialist Damen Carbide Tool Co., Inc. (Wood Dale, IL) recently proved with the addition of a powerful, 60 in (1524 mm) stroke honing system that finishes holes up to 9 in (228.6 mm) diameter.


Sunnen's HTA Refurbushes Cylinders to Cat Specs
Seeing a need in the industry to salvage hydraulic cylinders to Cat-specific requirements, Whayne Supply purchased an all-electric HTA from Sunnen that enabled it to bring previously outsourced work in-house.


Honing for the Sky - New Honing Technology Improves Aerospace Accuracy
Invented more than 70 years ago to de-glaze cylinder bores in early automobile engines, conventional honing today is meeting the most advanced aerospace requirements for ultra-precise machined parts. 


Single-Pass Vs. Multi-Stroke: The Ins and Outs of Honing
With higher performance required from turbochargers, steering knuckles, gears, fuel systems and valves, honing is being used more widely.


The Ten-Millionths Solution for Bore Accuracy
There is a new technology that enables makers of products with bored holes to acheive accuracies measured in millionths -- even "fix" bore geometries. It also enables high process capabilties (Cpk), all in automated, high-thoughput production.


Upgraded HTA Honing System Increases Part Capacity and Stroker Torque
The all-electric HTA hone from Sunnen  brings increased part capacity and stroker torque to applications such as bore resurfacing of hydraulic cylinders, extruder barrels and die casting shot tubes, or manufacture of gas flow meter tubes and repair of actuators for construction, mining, farming and forestry equipment.


Hydraulic Cylinders Reconditioned Quickly and Efficiently with Low-Cost HTA Honing System
A repair shop uses Sunnen's new HTA honing system to bring farmed-out work in-house and increases profit and improves delivery.


One Shot Wonder Manufactured with Sunnen Tube Hone
Using the world's most advanced tube hone from Sunnen, Fred Fedderson is on a mission to create a barrel for a commercial-grade weapon that can shoot successive bullets through the same hole using an inexpensive semi-automative rifle.


Upgraded HTA Honing System from Sunnen
At WESTEC, Sunnen will demonstrate its new all-electric HTA hone, bringing increased part capacity and stroker torque for bore resurfacing or hydraulic actuators, extruder barrels and die casting shot tubes, or manufacture of gas glow meter tubes. 


Diamonds are a Block's Best Friend for Honing
Two automotive engine shops with different needs illustrate how Sunnen's nes diamond honing abrasives technology simplifies the boring process, cuts cycle times as much as half, and improves dyno results.


Honing for Large Oil Field Parts
Sunnen's HTG series tube hones are designed to increase part-capacity for oil-field applications with high-volume throughput.


Honing System Offers Increased Part Capacity, Stroker Torque
Sunnen’s all-electric HTA hone is designed to increase part capacity and stroker torque in applications such as bore resurfacing of hydraulic cylinders, extruder barrels and die casting shot tubes, manufacture of gas flow meter tubes, and repair of actuators for construction, mining, farming and forestry equipment.  


Move to Single-Pass Honing Cuts Stator Scrap
This automotive Tier 1 supplier reduced scrap on its variable valve timing (VVT) stator bores by replacing roller burnishing operations with a Sunnen VSS-2 single-stroke honing machine.


New Vertical CNC Honing System for Deep Bores and Long Parts
Sunnen launches its new SV-410 Series vertical CNC honing system for bore sizing of small and medium-sized gas/diesel engine blocks, oil/gas components, hydraulic/pneumatic parts, compressors, bearing sleeves, gear hobs and similar small or large multi-bore parts.


More honing at Hone-All
Demand from the aerospace sector has let Hone-All Precision to order a custom-built Sunnen CNC honing machine to complement its new horizontal boring machine.


Honing is a Life-Saver for Aerospace Component Maker
Sonic Industries, part of the Sargent Aerospace & Defense Company, uses a Sunnen SV-1000 honing system to achieve performance-critical ID tolerances and finishes on life-saving fuse pins, reducing cycle times by 75 percent.



HOLE SPECIALISTS INC. (TOMBALL, TX)... is nearlydoubling the size of its plant and adding equipment and staff in a $3.5 millionexpansion that president Larry Robinson sees as the price of success. Althoughthe company experienced a dip during the recession, its business has reboundedup 125 percent over last year, and new equipment, new capabilities and nearly adozen new staff are attracting business from all over the U.S. in industriesbeyond energy. According to Robinson, the company already added four 10-toncranes, seven new lathes for OD/ID turning, and three heavy dutySunnen GH210 honing machines. Work on the 25,000 sq ft addition is readyto start. A fourth tube hone, a new HTG model, was delivered in April after itspremier at Houstex, offering greater hp and part capacity for even higherproduct output.


Tube Hones are Oilfield Workhorses
Built rugged for the high-production requirements of the oil and gas industry, these tube hones offer two-stage honing efficiency, high reliability, flexibility, and 200+ in³/hr stock removal rate for part lengths up to 30 ft (9.14 m), and IDs up to 24 in (609.6 mm).


New Sunnen HTG series tube hones introduce two-stage honing efficiency and 24 in. diameter capacity for heavy energy-industry parts
Sunnen's new HTG series tube is built rugged for the high-production requirements of the oil and gas industry. It offers high reliability, flexibility and 200+ in3/hr stock removal rates for part lengths up to 30 ft. (9.14 m) and IDs up to 24 in (609.6 mm).


Match honing automatically sizes bores of injectors, valves, pumps for measured fit with mating parts

Ideal for products using coated/treated pins or plungers, such as diesel injectors, cartridge valves, piston pumps, etc. Demonstrated at IMTS.


New honing system for hydraulic actuators and flow-meter tubes
New honing system for hydraulic actuators and flow-meter tubes is first all-electric design – richly featured, lean in cost. Ideal for cylinder resurfacing, the HTA actuator hone is PLC controlled, handles parts up to 4 m long, 533 mm diameter and 1818 kg.


New quick-change honing tool brings low-cost precision and fast setup to mid-volume production runs
Speeds job changeover with standard collet connection and no need to indicate for runout.


New renewable/sustainable honing oil offers extended service
Petroleum-free, vegetable-based cutting oil is additive-free, ideal for general use.


New servo honing system first to automatically profile-hone diesel cylinder liners
Corrects/customizes bore geometry and produces industry's highest accuracy. Maximum 1524 mm stroke ideal for oil/gas industry parts.


A first in honing – New multi-feed technology
New multi-feed technology offers choice of tool feed methods to optimize cycle time, abrasive life, part finish. Choice of tool-feed methods allows selection to suit work-piece geometry, material and tool type/size.


New vertical CNC honing system designed for automatic precision sizing and finishing of deep bores up to 200 mm dia., parts up to 1524 mm long.
Engineered for robotic part loading of landing gear components, oil/gas components, cylinder liners, motorcycle/ATV engines, multi-bore gas/diesel blocks, or 2-cycle power equipment engines. Servo X-axis allows automated step-and-repeat work.


New HTD tube hone goes long, scores big in material removal
Latest addition to Sunnen's tube hone line has 16 m stroke length for extreme long-part applications including aircraft driveshafts and submarine periscopes, removes material at 2500 cm3/hr.


Affordable Automated Orifice Meter Tube Honing Process Now Available
Read about this technology from Sunnen in the Pipeline & Gas Journal:


New Sunnen bore machining system is the "weapon of choice" for precision paintball marker barrels
CP uses a Sunnen SV-1000 Series vertical honing machine to create a competitive advantage on and off the paintball playing field, producing one and two-piece marker barrels made to precise specifications for pro-level paintball players. 


New MMT superabrasive and diamond honing tools reduce per-part cost 30 percent, delivering 5X longer tool life and micron-level accuracy from first part to last
Ideal for fuel injector bodies, hydraulic valves, gears and small two-cycle engines with bore size 4 to 65 mm, MMT tools are factory-qualified for accuracy right out of the box.



Honing: No Longer A Messy Process
As seen in American Machinist Magazine, read more at:
A new generation of CNC honing technology is changing the image of a messy, manual secondary process and taking on a primary role for makers of small engines (less than 50 hp), gears and fluid power components.


A "Hole" New Ballgame with Multi-Spindle Honing
As seen in Production Machining magazine: New Ballgame
Manually controlled, horizontal honing machines will probably be on shop floors for many more years, but a new generation of vertical CNC, multi-spindle machines has emerged in the last few years that is transforming “honing” into high-volume precision bore machining.


New servo honing system "goes long" with 60-inch stroke for oil and gas industry components – automated bore geometry correction yields industry's highest dimensional accuracy
Vertical, all-electric SV-560 powers through work with 20-hp spindle. Choice of configurations allows best fit to part size/weight.


New vertical CNC honing system designed for automatic precision sizing and finishing of deep bores up to 200mm dia., parts up to 710mm long
Engineered for robotic part loading of landing gear components, bearing sleeves, cylinder liners, motorcycle/ATV engines, multi-bore gas/diesel blocks, or 2-cycle power equipment engines. Servo X-axis allows automated step-and-repeat work.


New modular honing machine series scaleable from basic to
Capable of sizing and finishing bores to submicron accuracy, uniquely versatile conventional honing machine can do single-pass work, too - in mid to high production volumes


The hole story on gear quality
Forest City Gear President Fred Young has a straightforward philosophy for acquiring and retaining business. The company's strategic directive is: "Excellence without Exception." It boils down to always giving the customer a higher level of quality than specified on a print - or in any other interaction with a customer. "The goal is to do this without adding much cost or time to a job," Young explains. "We do everything we can to distinguish our product from competitors', and we try to do it inexpensively. On bore-type gears, we have found that automated honing is a good way to give the customer tighter control of bore size, roundness, straightness and finish. The customer notices the difference in a smoother, quieter, more efficient drive, and unless we stumble in some other aspect of the job, we will have a repeat customer. The trick in gear manufacturing is to add this value without adding cost for the customer."


Industry-first - New modular, 3-axis servo honing system produces constant crosshatch, with automated bore-geometry correction and industry's highest dimensional accuracy
New SV-500 brings fast cycle times, modular multi-spindle processing flexibility, and automation capability on bores to 12" in mid to high production volumes


Honing Options for Hypereutectic Aluminum Cylinder Bores
Since gasoline burned and forced a piston down a cylinder for the first time, aluminum has been the metal of choice when light weight was the most critical requirement for an internal combustion engine. This is as true today as it was in 1902 when the Wright Brothers were unable to purchase a suitable commercial engine for their experimental airplane and built their own, casting the aluminum block.


Precision holemaking at high Cpk
Makers of fluid-power components, small-engines, and gears are finding secondary honing process is first-place winner for producing quarter-micron dimensional accuracy with precision geometry and surface finish.

See related article at


Honing pays big for hydraulic valve leader HydraForce
Lincolnshire, IL - HydraForce, Inc., President and CEO Jim Brizzolara credits lessons learned on a Sunnen hone at his first job in 1966 in a hydraulic valve factory with helping him understand how precision bore finish and geometry can fine-tune the performance of a valve. Fast-forward to 2007, and Brizzolara has used that knowledge to help build the company he co-founded in 1985 into the world's leading supplier of cartridge valves and integrated circuit manifolds. With sales doubling in the last three years, HydraForce produces more than 7 million cartridge valves per year, releasing a new design to production almost every day.


Unique mechanical bore gage offers fast, precise in-line ID measurement for honing, grinding, boring, reaming and drilling operations or incoming part inspections
Sunnen's PG-Series Bore Gages are ideal for fast, simple, economical process control in a lean manufacturing environment, combining lab-precise accuracy (±0.000025"/0.0006mm) with a shop-hardened, all-mechanical design. PG-Series gages - to be demonstrated at Sunnen's IMTS booth No. B-7200 - bring reliable ID gaging to the manufacturing floor with no need for electrical or air connections, making them immune to fluctuations in line voltage or air pressure. A single PG gage can measure a wide range of part diameters, offering greater versatility at a lower cost than dedicated devices, such as air gages.


Air-gage-equipped, vertical CNC honing system closes loop on automated bore-sizing to submicron accuracy
SV-1005 series machines capable of accuracy to 0.25µm for hole diameters 3-65 mm. Ideal for low-cost, high-Cpk production of hydraulic valves/bodies, small engines, fuel injectors, gears, compressor parts and small diameter bores.


Small-engine and compressor performance
Precision size, geometry and surface of cylinder bores improve sealing and component life, while IC engines increase power density with lower exhaust emissions

Read more about it in Appliance Magazine:


Looking Into Bored Holes
As seen in American Machinist magazine, learn how one company uses Sunnen's bore gages for precise inline ID measurement.
Read more at:


Gear Honing Systems Benefit from Advances in Sunnen Technology
Thanks to recent advances in honing technology, Sunnen Products Company can help gear manufacturers achieve greater precision and increase productivity 60 percent or more over previous honing machines or I.D. grinding.


Hydraulic Component Reliability Improved Using Latest Honing Technology
Sunnen Products Company has introduced new technology to help hydraulic component manufacturers conform to "zero-leak" standards and greatly reduce warranty issues due to component leakage.


Manufacturers of Small Engines Benefit From Advances in Honing Technology
New honing technology from Sunnen Products Company can help small engine manufacturers meet or exceed today's strict emissions standards.


Longer Life, Increased Stock Removal with Sunnen's High Production Helix Tools
Sunnen's High Production Helix Tools offers longer life, increased stock remvoval and the precision you've come to expect from the worldwide leaders in bore sizing and finishing. And the High Production Helix tools are competitively priced.


SV-10 ... Loaded at a Stripped Down Price
Sunnen's SV-10 Automatic Cylinder Hone combines the latest technology with the consistency and dependability of the legendary CV-616.


ML-5000 Offers Speed and Precision
 Sunnen Products Company's new fully-loaded ML-5000 is built for speed and precision and is the most advanced horizontal power stroked honing machine on the market.


Two Tool Designs Save Money and Time
Sunnen Products Company has introduced two new tool designs for medium and high production bore sizing. The new generation High-Helix Single Stroke Honing® tools and the TurboHone® high-production multi-stone mandrels are designed to increase production and save time and money.


Model GH-210 Designed for Big Honing Jobs
The Model GH-210 Horizontal Honing Machine from Sunnen continues the company's heavy-duty honing tradition with a versatile design geared to perform a wide variety of large honing applications efficiently and accurately.


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