MBB 1600 Series Machine

Problem Checks
Spindle Coasting to a Stop Brake out of Adjustment (See operation Manual for adjustment procedure)
Brake Strap worn out
Spindle Pulley Dirty
Head Switch Sticking
Cannot Hold Size Check Set-Up (Correct speeds and pressures and mandrel and stone combination)
Excessive End Play (Remove mandrel from machine and with high pressure on 4 and light cutting pressure on 0 push in and out on feed dial. The indicator needle should not move more than .0001)
Worn out Thrust Assembly (Check For excessive play)
Worn out Adjusting Nut (Check plunger for spring tension)
Low Coolant Pressure  Open Valve at Manifold
Check for Blinded Filter
Check for proper Oil level in tank
Check Swarf build up in tank
Check Relief Valve
Coolant Pump
Machine not Powering on  Check Start/Stop Button
Check Main Disconnect
Check In coming Power to Machine
Check for Power at Motor
Spindle Not Starting Check Start/Stop Button
Check Motor Running Check Idler Pulley and Spindle Belt
Check Incoming Voltage
Cannot Hold Tool Alignment Incorrect Adapter
Incorrect Stone and Mandrel
Incorrect Alignment Bushing
Cracked Spindle Set Screw
Spindle Bearings Problem (Align a mandrel and remove the stone run 10 Air cycles and then reinstall the stone and check the tool alignment. Adjust if needed. Run 10 more air cycles and repeat if tool is constantly out then bearings may need to be replaced)
Stone Not Expanding Not Enough Cutting Pressure
Feed Rod Binding Up
Wedge bound up in Mandrel
Feed Dial Backing off during a Cycle Adjusting Nut Worn Out (Check plunger for tension)

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