Two Tool Designs Save Money and Time
Sunnen Products Company recently introducted two new tool designs for medium and high production bore sizing. The new generation High-Helix Single Stroke Honing® tools and the TurboHone® high-production, multi-stone mandrels are engineered to increase production, saving both time and money.

The enhanced design of Sunnen's High-Helix electroplated diamond Single Stroke Honing® tool ensures fast stock removal, consistent bore geometry and is competitively priced. The tool regularly outperforms the competition. Single Stroke Honing® is a fast and accurate method of sizing bores to final size. The tools go though the bore only once, removing a predetermined amount of stock, progressively enlarging the bore. After the final pass, the bore is to size, straight and round, with the desired surface texture.

Sunnen's High-Helix Single Stroke Honing® tool performs well on Sunnen's new value-priced VSS Single Stroke Honing® system as well as machines manufactured by others.

Sunnen's TurboHone® tool will lower the cost-per-part by decreasing honing cycle times and reducing the number of stone changeovers. The mandrels provide superior speed and accuracy when used with a variety of Sunnen high-production machines including the MHS, ML-3500, and KGM-5000 machines. The TurboHone® mandrels can also be adapted to be used with high-production honing machines manufactured by other companies. A variety of diamond and CBN superabrasive stones can be specified to optimize honing performance on any application generating bore geometry to meet close tolerance demands. The superabrasive stones can be specified for optimization on any application.

Both the High Helix tools and TurboHone® tools are precision-machined to ensure proper fit of honing stones and to provide superior bore geometry that meets close tolerance demands. For long production life and to prevent damage in use, both are manufactured using high strength steel. They can be used with either water- or oil-based coolants. The High Helix Single Stroke Honing® tools and TurboHone® are a good choice on bore diameters ranging from 3,8mm (.150") to 31,7 mm (1.250").

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